Nowadays all casinos, poker rooms or betting websites are almost the same.
Successful ones know how to generate traffic

To open your casino, sportbook or poker room - one only needs funds. That is the reality of today. Almost all projects offer bonuses on deposit, same game providers, own VIP system, support, big list of payment methods, etc.

The difference between successful projects and losers are their acquisition and retention strategies. That is where we have 10+ years of experience, and can help you build effective setup.

Why our service can help you to become successful?

Let's take casino as an example

In ideal scenario, casino gets in average around 30% from GGR before expenses on marketing, affiliates, support, vip support, team members and other costs. Means it should generate millions in GGR to become profitable.

Math in almost all casinos is as follows:

20 - 40%
of GGR goes to bonus packages
12 - 15%
of GGR goes to providers
of GGR goes to payment fees
5 - 10%
of GGR goes to whitelabel operators (*or own development)

So, if everything is almost the same, then how to make profit? Traffic sources become the focus here.

What to choose?

Popular way


  • Big revenue share/CPA/hybrid deals
  • Disloyal partners
  • Dumping deals from thousands of competitors
  • Low LTV from players
  • Bonus abusers
  • High costs on affiliate team

In result

Casino owners earn ±10% from GGR in total, as it needs liquidity of players, and they are highly dependent on affiliates/partners.


Open more casinos, make a network of sites, reduce costs. But it also means constant race without ability to take a brake for owners and team members.

Our offer

Programmatic buying

  • Loyal players
  • Transparent budgeting
  • Higher LTV
  • Unlimited GEO traffic
  • Ability to change graphics with 1-click
  • Unique features, like retargeting or whitelists

As a result

Casino has fixed costs and can degrease or increase budgets depending on liquidity and results and can run independently.


Building own media buying team or use Coinmedia all-in-one package as a start.

Coinmedia all-in-one tool includes
3 months starter package:

1st month

  • Understanding client's needs, project's profile and required GEO’s
  • Site-tracking and retargeting pixels setup
  • Preparation of unique creatives using HTML5 technology
  • Starting with at least 5 different strategies
  • Monthly reports

2nd month

  • Analyzing the first results
  • Campaigns optimization
  • Starting retargeting campaigns
  • Updating the creatives
  • Monthly reports

3rd month

  • Analyzing the results
  • Qualifying the final strategies
  • Optimizing the retargeting campaigns
  • Discussing long-term co-operation
  • Monthly reports

Package includes work of:

Project manager, Programmatic account manager, Analyst and Designer for 2 sets of banners

Please note

Coinmedia is working only on a contract basis. We are ready to discuss your needs and make changes in package if needed, but we have some strict conditions in case of project timing. The whole setup is time consuming, and your developers’ participation might be required. Optimization needs data, so we can analyze which channels are working better for your needs and geos. Retargeting needs a sufficientof incoming traffic. That is why we require at least 3 months, so you can achieve better results and sign long-term contract with us.

For more details, please contact us:
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